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The long history of Masseria Capocanale dates back to the 16th century. Masseria Capocanale is a perfect example how the great antique family estate, that earlier was used also as Frascolla family’s summer residence and for entertaining friends, has been turned to an idyllic and successful Bed & Breakfast – still remaining in the same family.

Just like the farms usually at that region Masseria Capocanale is also surrounded by the great walls. The whole place is situated on the hill at the end of beautiful avenue. While wandering around the farm you will meet plenty of interesting and fascinating pieces of the past. Age-old canyons, ancient ruins and ravines take you back in time to the days when the first inhabitants arrived to Taranto’s region.

The most interesting things, that are absolutely worth to see, are the ruins of ancient structures and the caves that were once used for living and breeding of farm animals. Ancient constructions are built on the banks of the canyons that were once rivers. Besides the caves you can also discover age-old tombs, structures of ancient bridges and of course many ruins of historical dwellings. These remarkable pieces of the past describe how the local farming and construction are developed until these days. In that sense it’s possible to get to know a little piece of the local and historical architecture too.

The same banks of the canyons, where rise these historical structures and ruins of Masseria Capocanale, continue far ahead. On that region there are lots of antique “masseria’s” and centres of populations that are constructed on the same banks of canyons. Nearest cities, for give an example, are Statte, Massafra and Laterza.

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