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Casina from the outside
 Masseria from the outside
External view
Aerial view

Bed & Breakfast Masseria Capocanale is situated in the beautiful countryside of the southern Italy where the climate is always warm and mild.

This sophisticated and modern residence is constructed in an ancient and glorious farm that has stayed in the same family for centuries.

The style of this antique Masseria has remained the same until these days. The marks of the past are seen for example in the way of decorating and furnishing.

External view
External view

Besides the main houses, an accommodation and restaurant buildings, Masseria Capocanale offers many interesting things to see and experience. The antique farm is surrounded of the huge park that has a remarkable size of 52 hectares of pure and clean nature - including a hundred years old olive grove and amazing ravines. The park is perfect place for example for hiking or just to having a little walk around.The local history is also strongly represented: on the territory there are old ruins, structures and once inhabited caves that previous generations have left behind them.

Just take a moment to visit these unforgettable monuments and you will feel how the time stops around you!

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Masseria Capocanale is strategically located between two lively cities, Martina Franca and Taranto, in Apulia region offering many tourism opportunities. Apulia is famous for its long archaeological history, and in the long run it has been colonised by the Greeks, the Turks and the Romans just to mention of few. All these foreign rulers have left their behind a plenty of fascinating and attractive monuments, ruins and other archaeological structures. Apulia has even its own subspecies of architecture, called barocco leccese.
The territory of Apulia is mostly occupied by plains and hills and also the typical cultivation of olive and grapes. Turquoise beaches, both at Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea, in Apulia are one of the cleanest and most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean. One of the most attractive sights of the region is The Trulli, limestone dwellings of Alberobello that are also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Every village and town in Apulia has its own local culture that concerns different kinds of cultural habits, dialects and typical dishes and wines. Visiting a local vineyard or a local restaurant will give you unforgettable experiences hosted by the friendly and chatty people. The best way to get to the local atmosphere and get best of your staying in Apulia is absolutely lodging to a local “Masseria”.

The nearest attractions of Masseria Capocanale are:

The nearest sea is only six kilometres far from Masseria Capocanale. During the summer is easy visit many pure beaches at Ionian Sea like Chiatona, Castellaneta Marina, Ginosa Marina and Marina di Pulsano.

The services offered:
The Restaurant, Minibar, Breakfast Buffet, Facilities for disabled persons, Heating, Cloakroom, Free parking, Acceptance of pets (dogs and cats), The huge park for hiking or camping


Masseria Capocanale - C.P. 139 - 74010 STATTE (TA) - Phone/fax +39.099.4742222 - P. Iva 02010160733
E-mail: capocanale@googlemail.com

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